Thursday, October 7, 2010

Start and Now

Elmer Fudd was created way back in 1937 by a man named Tex Avery.  But he was egg head at this time, not Elmer.  Elmer as of today is 70 years old.  The main reason why Elmer was ended was because of his voice character had to be changed because the original guy died.  The next guy didn't really make fans happy because it wasn't the original Elmer.  So he wasn't in any shows for a while until later when they were able to change the voice to sound like elmer.  He would make special TV appearances in the 70s and the 80s.  He made a short appearance in Who Framed Roger Rabbit in 1988.  In Space Jam, he mad an appearance on the Tune Squad team.  There have been seven different voice actors for Elmer.  Arthur Q. Bryan, Mel Blanc, Dave Barry, Hal Smith, Jeff Bergman, Greg Burson, Frank Welker, and Billy west, who is the voice right now.

Elmer Fudd's Sayings and Fun Facts

"I'm a wed-hot sports man after wild game. Heh-heh-heh-heh".  Thats Elmer's signature laugh.  And as you most likely already know, Elmer has trouble with those tricky R's. There will be a link to a video that shows Elmer's speech impediment.  As a joke, someone posted this on a website, "Be vewy qwiet, Im hunting Awabs".  In his service in Iraq.  Elmer was born to a pair of wealthy white parents near the wilderness.  When he was little he played with cute creatures around his home.  He also befriended a rabbit by tempting him with a carrot on a stick.  They had many fun adventures together and played practical jokes on each other involving toy shotguns.  Then this sadly changed, he was finally of age for his hunting license.  He went out into the forest and slaughtered every living thing in sight.  He sent out to destroy all the cute woodland creatures. So the original Elmer Fudd was black but was changed to white to avoid racism.  He even has his own museum in California.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Elmer Fudd Look and Personality "Bugs Bunny"

So I talked about how Elmer was changed a few times in his career but you do not know exactly how they look.  Well you will now.  First, cartoon historians believe that Elmer was transformed from this "Egghead" form (Top).  He looked pretty scary and mean.  Then in 1941 he was changed to be a fat to do depict his real life voice man (Bottom Left).  Elmer Fudd is a silly dude and can not pronounce his R's so he sounds even dumber than he looks.  He calls Rabbits "Wabbits" cause he is weird like that.  He has a child like personality and is extremely stupid.  So he cant ever out smart the witty Bugs and usually ends up hurting himself.  Arthur Q. Bryan was the voice of the Fuddster for almost two decades(Bottom Right).  After he died, Hal Smith took his place for Elmers voice.  He only talked in two cartoons.  Then in one cartoon, Elmer had no lines, no voice at all.  Then the character was retired, appearing in no cartoon for almost three decades!

Elmer Fudd Starting Off "Bugs Bunny"

Elmer is a fictional and one of the most famous Looney Tunes characters.  He comes from the origin of Warner Bros. Studios. In his show, Bugs Bunny, he is the hunter always trying to shoot Bugs.  Like most cartoons though, for example, in Ben and Jerry the mouse is always the one being attacked by the cat and anything the cat tries he ends up hurting himself.  Likewise in Bugs Bunny to Elmer Fudd and Wile coyote and the road runner to the coyote.  In 1937, Tex Avery introduced a new character named Egghead.  Many cartoon historians believe that egghead evolved into Elmer Fudd in a couple of years.  Egghead made his entrance riding a motorscooter with the words "Elmer Fudd, Peacemaker" displayed on the side, the first onscreen use of that name in "A Feud There Was", a cartoon short.  And for a short time through 1941-1942, they changed Elmer's appearance again.  He was a big ol' fat man.  He was pictured as his real life speaker Arthur Q. Bryan, who is also fat.  The audiences however, did not accept the Fatty Elmer Fudd so the slimmer Fudd was set for good.  So that was how Elmer was designed, changed and viewed by fans.