Thursday, October 7, 2010

Elmer Fudd's Sayings and Fun Facts

"I'm a wed-hot sports man after wild game. Heh-heh-heh-heh".  Thats Elmer's signature laugh.  And as you most likely already know, Elmer has trouble with those tricky R's. There will be a link to a video that shows Elmer's speech impediment.  As a joke, someone posted this on a website, "Be vewy qwiet, Im hunting Awabs".  In his service in Iraq.  Elmer was born to a pair of wealthy white parents near the wilderness.  When he was little he played with cute creatures around his home.  He also befriended a rabbit by tempting him with a carrot on a stick.  They had many fun adventures together and played practical jokes on each other involving toy shotguns.  Then this sadly changed, he was finally of age for his hunting license.  He went out into the forest and slaughtered every living thing in sight.  He sent out to destroy all the cute woodland creatures. So the original Elmer Fudd was black but was changed to white to avoid racism.  He even has his own museum in California.

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